What needles should I use to knit mohair?

We suggest that wood or bamboo needles are best as mohair can tend to slip on the needles.

Will the yarn "split" when knitted?

The yarn may split if you knit without watching the yarn.  If watching the yarn, there should be no problem.

Colours on the website

Please be aware that screens and printers vary and that the actual yarn may vary slightly in colour to the colour displayed on the screen.

Do we mules our goats?

No we don't.

What is blocking?

Blocking is the process of wetting the garment and then laying it out flat, stretching into shape and then leaving to dry. If you are blocking shawls or scarves, you can use stiff wire or blocking wires to thread through the edge and then pull tight and pin into place (eg on a carpet floor with a plain sheet covering). This will “set” your garment and you will find that it will show the lace patterns better.